CO Supreme Court

A man is behind bars, accused of breaking into the Colorado Supreme Court building and firing shots inside.

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According to the Colorado State Patrol this all started around 1:15 a.m with a 2 car crash nearby.  One of the people involved reportedly pointed a handgun at the other driver  then entered the supreme court building, held a guard at gunpoint and demanded access to other parts of the building.  The suspect allegedly took the keys and ran through the building occasionally firing shots or starting fires.  Around 3am the man called 911 and voluntarily surrendered to law enforcement without issue.  No one was injured, but there was significant damage to the building.  An investigation determined that the incident didn’t have any thing to do with political motivations or recent cases.

Authorities arrested a man after he broke into the Colorado State Supreme Court Tuesday. 

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 Investigators say they fully explored the possibility that this was connected to a recent ruling by that court that took former President Donald Trump off of the Colorado Republican Primary ballot, but determined that the two were unconnected.  The suspect had been involved in a car crash, then allegedly ran inside the supreme court building, held a security guard at gunpoint and fired shots and set fires as he ran through the building.  No one was hit by gunfire and the man eventually called 911 himself and surrendered to police.  That investigation is ongoing

CO Supreme Court
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