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A team of reporters and anchors providing timely, Colorado content

Founded in 2016, RMNN delivers information to listeners across the state. Our team of experienced anchors and reporters provide accurate and engaging coverage of statewide politics, economics, science, natural resources, culture, and more. RMNN keeps listeners well-informed about the issues shaping their communities. We prioritize journalistic integrity, earning the trust of our audience and empowering them to make informed decisions and engage in meaningful conversations about Colorful Colorado.


Provide timely, quality News and Sports reports to Colorado listeners on Colorado Stations


Adding value to your local programming through truthful, straight forward news and sports.


We want to be your station's "Newsroom down the hall." A trusted partner and source.



Stations have the option to air a 2 minute or 3 minute newscast. Reports begin at 5 am and end at 6pm.

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Get the latest news and updates on high school, college and professional sports with 5 daily reports.

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