Former president Donald Trump has filed his appeal with the Supreme Court to overturn last month’s ruling that he can’t appear on the Colorado Republican primary ballot.

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The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump is disqualified under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. which bans any “officer of the United States” who swore an oath to the constitution and engaged in insurrection from holding office. But Trump’s lawyers insist that January 6th “was not ‘insurrection’ and Trump in no way ‘engaged’ in ‘insurrection'”  Colorado secretary of state Jena Griswold has said she will abide by whatever the highest court’s decision is.  The bigger issue is that the deadline to certify the primary ballot is today (Friday, January 5th 2024).


An appeal that was expected has finally been filed. 

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Former President Donald Trump has appealed to the US supreme court to overturn the Colorado Supreme courts ruling that disqualifies him from being on Colorado’s 2024 republican primary ballot under the 14th amendment. Trump’s petition asks that the Supreme Court take up the case and immediately reverse the Colorado ruling in a summary decision without oral argument or extensive briefing. Other parties in the case previously agreed the justices should hear the case on an expedited schedule, so a decision may be issued before most states’ primaries, but they did not suggest the high court forgo the step of holding oral arguments.

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